Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ending the month with a bang!

Nothing like a little bit of socio/political graphic design to end this wonderfully saturated month of August. Dan Funderburgh can do it all, from print to web to patterns and products, but there's something different about his work, something a little more cynical? A little more real? Oh, I've got it, a little more political! A lot of designers wouldn't dream to do what Dan does, personally, I applaud him and wish others would take their surroundings a little more seriously and perhaps try to understand the world around them from all different perspective. Don't get me wrong, I often find myself locked down in my own little world, but I find inspiration and hope in Dan Funderburgh, for myself, as well as for others, and maybe even for everyone... How naively hopeful of me?

Dan Funderburgh not only works constantly, but is also kind enough to share his thoughts, hopes and dreams with the rest of us on his blog, please check it out. There are way too many good things to miss on there : ) Finally, he's working on some new stuff for Flavor Paper, a sweet store located in New Orleans (watch out for Gustav!!!) that produces vintage, contemporary and custom hand-screened wall coverings for retail, home and beyond.

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