Monday, September 29, 2008

Abby, the Pretty Type-Maker

Abigail Wynne is a full-time freelance Graphic Designer with a knack for beautiful fonts and thoughtful layouts. She lives in Chicago and is highly involved in the art community. Although she is quite busy, she doesn't let the stress get to her and finds joy in her work. She is currently working on-site at Upshot, her favorite ad agency in Chicago, which focuses on simple smart ideas aimed at engaging the right audience for the client at hand. 

Abby has developed a number of wonderful fonts that deserved to be studied, please check them out here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MPLS Comes to Life

Ahhh, I finally finished my first poster for MPLS. I was a little bit concerned about printing on the black paper, but they turned out great! I'm not completely sold on the shade of pink, but overall am very proud of how they turned out. 

Keep checking in, I'm currently working on a print exchange for my class that I'll be finishing this week and will be starting on scarves very soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hunting for Good Type

Originally from Scotland, Linzie Hunter now lives in North London. A graduate from Glasgow University, she was a theatre stage manager before studying illustration at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her freelance work is created digitally but when away from her computer, she enjoys traditional print-making and book-binding.

Out of all of Linzie's wonderful work, I'm most inspired by her typography. Free-flowing and tactile, it truly brings attention and character to any piece it's applied to. I hope to someday work with Linzie... ahh, dreams : )

Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween's Early This Year

Although I love living in the city, I've felt the need to come home every weekend to relax, and by relaxing I mean forgetting everything else that's going on, listening to the deafening silence (except for the obnoxiously loud trains that come through at least a dozen times a day), and doing things that I just can't do in my tiny studio – such as repainting my mother's kitchen and carving pumpkins. I'm usually not a holiday fanatic, but I apparently jumped the gun on Halloween 2008. I carved two pumpkins this year, and am actually really proud of them!

"It's a Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin Kind of World" – what could be better than a cannibal pumpkin? That's pretty freaky if you ask me!
"A Flashback to Halloween 2008" – It seems that after your peak years of trick-or-treating everyone still wants to dress up (and by that I mean girls find a reason to wear next to nothing and call it a costume, come on ladies, red fishnets and a bra doesn't make you a devil!), but it doesn't seem appropriate unless you're attending a party, at which you end up drinking way too much to compensate for the cold and your social anxiety of wearing your bathing suit in public. As I'm sure many of you have experienced, the booze catches up, and before you know it, your body decides – without your consent, of course – to expel whatever is making you feel like you can sing, dance, and look attractive in an outfit that is way too tight for you. This is my homage to last year's Halloween, thank you for the good times my Greer peeps, I look forward to this year's pub crawl.

Design is Fine

What is Design is Fine you ask? It is the portfolio of Celeste Prevost, an extremely talented designer who focuses on art direction, design and illustration. Her work is playful and direct, cute but serious and clearly communicates thoughts and ideas. She's always looking for new opportunities to collaborate or do some freelance work, so hurry and check out her work, I'm sure she's one busy little bee and you don't want to miss out!

BTW, her blog is also something worth looking at : )

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Good Geoff

Geoff Wagner describes him as an "honest to goodness real life designer," who's tactile and likes to touch things — surfaces, textures, fabrics, etc... He lives in San Francisco and is proud to know the difference between an em-dash, an en-dash, and a hyphen : ) He loves comic books and proclaims himself a "first class grade-A nerd." He often wishes for rain and would rather collect fonts than baseball cards. All in all, I think he's amazing.

Seen but Not Heard

Laura Kicey is a photographer and graphic designer based just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Her work as been shown in a number of galleries regionally, and has appeared in numerous publications nationally. She can generally be found lurking n dark alleys and other places she likely should not be.

My favorite of Kicey's work — named Construct — is a series of collages of various facades that blend seamlessly together and give the appearance of an overcrowded, colorful street. The juxtaposition of various architecture creates fascinating relationships that appear completely natural, while simultaneously confusing the mind with an eerie sense of fantasy. 

To purchase some of her prints, please visit her Etsy shop here. You can also visit her blog, Seen but Not Heard, to see her most recent work and inspiration

Present & Correct

Present & Correct AKA P&C is a lovely online store from London that makes paper goods from "small" materials with powerful results — think tin foil and cereal boxes mixed in a way that reminds you why you wanted to become a designer in the first place and inspires you to look at your own surroundings to create new work from existing everyday objects. Their wide variety of handmade goods, vintage items and work by designers from all over the world can be purchased and viewed online to bring joy to your desks, walls, friends and children.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Studio MIKMIK is a graphic design and illustration studio established in 2006 by Michael Lewis in the UK. They create solutions for print, identity, illustration and online projects, but are also quite environmentally conscious and believe that sourcing high quality recycled paper and board or by selecting like-minded print houses that the impact on the environment of a print project can be vastly reduced without affecting the quality.

To see more of their work, visit their website or check out one of their many publications: "Around Europe Promotion" by Index Book, "Web Design Index by Content 3" by Agile Rabbit "Editions, Badge, Button, Pin (Prickie section)" by Lawrence King Publishing, "Pictorama – Character Encyclopedia" by Pictoplasma Publishing, "Computer Arts #135 (May 07)" by Future Publishing, "Grafuck 2" by Me, Me, "Blowback Magazine" in issues of September 06 and August 06, "Computer Arts Projects #85 (june 06)" by Future Publishing, and "Semi-Permanent 06" by Design is Kinky.

PS: Looking for some sweet buttons? Here's where you'll find some adorable creations by Michael.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say It with a Poster

Creating effective posters is harder than it looks, I'm learning that quickly as I continue taking screenprinting classes, but I've found some excellent inspiration when it comes to clever, direct, and aesthetic communication: The Poster List. They create wonderful pop-art posters that are reasonably priced and gracious to Mother Nature  – printed with 100% vegetable ink on organic acid free paper.

Bonus: they're having a sale this week! Buy any 2 posters for only 20 bucks, so go crazy (actually you're not) and buy a bunch! Redo your apartment, annoy your roommate, express your opinion, rebel against the system with some unique wall art, whatever floats your boat : )

Estilo, How I Love Thee

Fontshop now carries this amazing font called Estilo, which comes in Regular, Script, and Text and is actually quite affordable. Elegant and modern, this sans serif font is great for small type or display size. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pirates and Teacups and Monsters, Oh My!

Mike Lowery's illustrations are wonderful, plus he makes killer patterns with them, what's not to love? The limited color usage enables the viewer to focus on the individual illustrations, which are full of detail and wonderful representations of real objects and imaginary characters.

Although Mike Lowery currently lives in Alexandria, VA, he has also lived in Tennessee, Maryland. His creative illustrations stem from inspiration found on various blogs (such as, book by its cover, design sponge, and swedesplease) and thrift stores. Please check out the rest of his work here.