Thursday, September 18, 2008


Studio MIKMIK is a graphic design and illustration studio established in 2006 by Michael Lewis in the UK. They create solutions for print, identity, illustration and online projects, but are also quite environmentally conscious and believe that sourcing high quality recycled paper and board or by selecting like-minded print houses that the impact on the environment of a print project can be vastly reduced without affecting the quality.

To see more of their work, visit their website or check out one of their many publications: "Around Europe Promotion" by Index Book, "Web Design Index by Content 3" by Agile Rabbit "Editions, Badge, Button, Pin (Prickie section)" by Lawrence King Publishing, "Pictorama – Character Encyclopedia" by Pictoplasma Publishing, "Computer Arts #135 (May 07)" by Future Publishing, "Grafuck 2" by Me, Me, "Blowback Magazine" in issues of September 06 and August 06, "Computer Arts Projects #85 (june 06)" by Future Publishing, and "Semi-Permanent 06" by Design is Kinky.

PS: Looking for some sweet buttons? Here's where you'll find some adorable creations by Michael.

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