Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trina Turk, Organic vs Geometric

Trina Turk, a fashion designer in LA who is well known for her bold patterns and eccentric colors that are skillfully featured on anything from scarves to jackets, swimwear, or pillows. She mixes organic patterns with geometric forms or vice versa and has some of the most elegant boutiques I've ever seen.

Boutique in Palm Springs
Boutique in Palm Springs
Trina Turk Residential
Trina Turk Residential
Havana Girl Jacket from Spring 2009 Collection
Breen Dress from Spring 2009 Collection
Bitsy Jacket from Spring 2009 Collection
Trelawney Dress from Spring 2009 Collection
Brandeis Dress from Spring 2009 Collection
Patja Dress from Fall 2008 Collection
Boyfriend Sweater and Shara Dress from Fall 2008 Collection

Bonita Dress from Resort 2008 Collection
Lina Jacket from Resort 2008 Collection
Revenge Sweater and Favorite Skirt from Resort 2008 Collection
Spencer Vest from Holiday 2008 Collection
Emile Dress from Holiday 2008 Collection

Trina Turk figured out at a young age what she wanted to do – to design clothes professionally –  and considers herself lucky as she succeeded at doing it beyond it her wildest dreams. She strongly believes that "luck favors the prepared mind" (which I support 100%) and she was prepared to take advantage of all opportunities. Her mother taught her to sew at 11, which paid off tremendously as she headed to the University of Washington to study fashion design after graduation. Her first job wasn't all that glamourous – sportswear – but her talents were quickly recognized and she moved to LA and later ventured on her own as she launched her own business to design a line of contemporary clothing for women. Her website currently features look books for Fall 2008, Resort 2008, Holiday 2008, Spring 2009, as well as wonderful photographs from her boutiques located in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and New York.

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Anonymous said...

i really love the Emile dress from your holiday 2008 collection. if there is any available (any colour)on size 0 please let me know where to contact and how to order. thanks