Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loving Wine That Loves

Keeping in mind that I was born and raised in France, you'd think I know a little something about wine, but of course, I have NO clue. It's a deep dark secret I like to keep to myself, but I figure honesty is the best policy and I might as well announce it to the world. With that said, I found these incredibly wonderfully designed bottled of wine by Wine That Loves that not only makes you look (and feel) like a wine connaisseur – and no, I didn't spell it "connoisseur" because that's not how it's spelled, that you can trust me on – but also emits a great sense of style as you schmooze it up with your guests. Oh, one last thing, it's also very inexpensive, but looks quite pricey, what more could you possibly want from your wine?

Wine That Loves Grilled Steak – high intensity wine to balance out the intensity of the dish. The low acidity of the wine compliments the dark and mellow flavor of the steak, emphasizing the taste of the dish while substantially leaving its own taste impression of dark fruit flavors.

Wine That Loves Pasta with Tomato Sauce – medium intensity wine to play off the medium flavor-intensity dish. This low acidity wine is perfect for a pasta with tomato sauce dish because it doesn't clash with the flavors and leaves a pleasant taste, bright and highly focused on the fruits.

Wine That Loves Pizza – medium intensity wine to complement the medium intensity dish. Cheese brings such a wide range of richness to a dish that a wine with medium intensity cuts right through it while brightening the flavor experience. Pizza crusts can create a dry mouth, however, this wine helps keep a refreshed feeling due to its low tannin and its red-fruit dominance accents the tomato sauce.

Wine That Loves Roasted Chicken – medium intensity wine for a flavor-intensity dish. To prevent the wine from leaving an unpleasant or tart taste, the acidity needs to be neutral to enjoy the interplay of the two flavors. Since the dish has a firm texture and can be slightly dry, the wine has a low tannin and its fruit flavors are in the bright, ripe, red fruit family.

Wine That Loves Grilled Salmon – a medium intensity wine for a medium flavor-intensity dish. Since grilled salmon has a rich, almost creamy flavor, this wine has a medium acidity to subtly cleanse the palate and clear your taste buds for a smooth transition between flavors. This wine has no tannin to keep the flavors of the dish pure, and its roots lie in tropical fruits, stone fruit and minerals to mimic and echo the taste of the salmon.

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