Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ending the month with a bang!

Nothing like a little bit of socio/political graphic design to end this wonderfully saturated month of August. Dan Funderburgh can do it all, from print to web to patterns and products, but there's something different about his work, something a little more cynical? A little more real? Oh, I've got it, a little more political! A lot of designers wouldn't dream to do what Dan does, personally, I applaud him and wish others would take their surroundings a little more seriously and perhaps try to understand the world around them from all different perspective. Don't get me wrong, I often find myself locked down in my own little world, but I find inspiration and hope in Dan Funderburgh, for myself, as well as for others, and maybe even for everyone... How naively hopeful of me?

Dan Funderburgh not only works constantly, but is also kind enough to share his thoughts, hopes and dreams with the rest of us on his blog, please check it out. There are way too many good things to miss on there : ) Finally, he's working on some new stuff for Flavor Paper, a sweet store located in New Orleans (watch out for Gustav!!!) that produces vintage, contemporary and custom hand-screened wall coverings for retail, home and beyond.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calming Images

I've been feeling a little off lately, but these incredibly beautiful polaroids taken by Yuki on Flickr help lift my mood and relieve some of my stress. The compositions are interesting and well-balanced, and although the subject matters are somewhat familiar, the color schemes change them into something new and fascinating, something that intrigues and comforts me at the same time. I'll post more here and there so be sure to come back and take a look.

I think these are just another great argument why Polaroid should not stop making their wonderful product, or at least share the secret so people can continue using this method!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Below are wonderful images I discovered on FFFFound! that I found inspiring. It's mostly typographical, but there is some wonderful use of color and new wave illustrations.

What is FFFFound!? It is a web service that allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, as well as recommend each user's tastes and interests to create a network of inspirational image-bookmarking. The downfall? It's by invite only and I have yet to be invited : ( It truly is a great service, with so many beautiful images it'll make your head spin! I can spend hours just wondering around on that site...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Davey Coleman, nothing else.

I looked on the internet and was unable to learn anything about this mysterious Australian Mr. Davey Coleman. The only thing I was able to locate is his flickr photostream. I apologize for the ill informed post, but do recommend you check out his work, a mix between fantasy and vintage, it's kooky and dark, and the colors are enchanting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lifter Baron

Oh, yum, I just love Lifter Baron's style; it's contemporary, it's simple, and extremely playful. The illustrations are graphic in nature, bubbly with a lot of solid areas, but the line quality is wonderful and the shapes very precise. Take a look at the website, it's well worth it and you'll find yourself wondering how you can apply this great style to your work.

What is Lifter Baron you ask? Lifter Baron was created by Rob Angermuller, a writer and designer (correct me if I'm wrong Rob) from Minneapolis, Minnesota – I should really get a hold of him and ask to see more of his stuff... For now, I'll have to settle with his FFFound account, which you should check out as well. I believe he's interested in freelance work and sounds like quite a character (by that I mean he seems to have a wonderful sense of humor while being completely down to earth). He's obviously tremendously talented and I will be keeping an eye on him to see what other wonderful work he creates. For even more wonderful work, please check out the following blogs that Rob writes for:

Meet Bonbi Forest – Watch out FredFlare, You've Got Some Serious Competition

I randomly stumbled upon this amazing little shop, Bonbi Forest, which is a wonderland of independently designed goods from artists, crafters and designers from around the world. Lee May Foster started the little shop in October 2007, which was then known as "The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium," but expanded quickly into what is now knows as Bonbi Forest with an extensive (am impressive) collection of items. Lee was trained in Fine Arts and makes hand-printed tees and accessories which feature print designs taken from her drawings and paintings. She finds inspiration from the great outdoors of her Cornish homeland, as well as in her travels while meeting new people, creatures, and places. 

World Food Tea Towel
Autumn Flowers Paper Matryoshka Brooch
Little Ghostie Plush Badge
Wash Up, Dry Up Tea Towel
Wee Greenie Plush

In addition to the Bonbi Forest online store, you can find some of the products at the following stores:

Brick and Mortar Stores:
Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery, Milwaukee WI – Online Store
Renegade handmade, Chicago – Online Store
The Makery, Louisville, KY – Online Store
My My, Hatboro, PA – Online Store

Online Stores:

Have fun shopping : )

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Work

Since I start my screen printing class at MCAD on September 11th, I thought I'd work a little bit ahead and start thinking about what I wanted to print so that I can take full advantage of my time in the studio... After several days studying what I had already done and what inspires, it hit: I want to make prints and textile design as an homage to Minneapolis! I created my own typeface to spell out a MPLS, and added what makes Minneapolis home to me, "S'il vous plait," which means "Please" in French, my native language as I was born and raised in France. I mixed my past and present together, in an urban style that I felt was suiting to the ever-growing city of Minneapolis. I also created T-shirts and patterns reflecting the culture and city, inspired by Too Much Love, the Saturday night event at First Ave during which all sorts of people come out to dance to rock remixes, post-punk, new wave, no wave, electro, house, disco, mash-up, dance-punk, hip-hop, psychedelic and much more music . To see all my work, please check out my Behance portfolio here.

Poster design

T-shirt design

Main Pattern

Coordinate #1

Coordinate #2

While creating my patterns, I chose to blend preppy designs such as plaid and argyle with an urban feel and bright colors. It reflects the energy of the city and the contrasting cultures within the space, emphasized by the combined languages of English and French. I'm in the process of making the T-shirts, but I will also make some scarves, which I will sell at my Etsy shop here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mr. Boddington's Studio: Stationery that Leaves a Mark

Mr. Boddington's Studio was established on Wall Street and operates as a beacon of old world values and modernity. Their "couture" correspondence stain the hands of the recipient, leaving a distinct impression of the sender's identity, and everything in the studio operates under this very philosophy. I find their stationery quite inspirational and am fascinated by their patterns. The color usage is high in contrast, but quaint enough to look very classy. The use of typography is minimal and direct, optimizing its memorability.

The studio utilizes paper, textiles and ink from around the world to create distinctive correspondence for its clients, and all projects are designed in New York, while most printed is executed in Berkley and Maine. Make sure to check out their website.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Collection 08 from Banana Republic

The Banana Republic Fall Collection 08 is full of contrast and excitement where you can anticipate form-fitting pieces layered with flowing pieces, cool grey versus vibrant purple, masculine meets feminine, but keep in mind that sophistication is key.

Shown above are several examples of Banana Republic's newest arrivals.

Double-Breasted Cardigan, available in several colors.

Plaid Houndstooth Blazer with Silk Tie-Neck Blouse

Cashmere Wrap, available in several colors.

Long Cashmere Sweater Coat, Silk Ruffle-Front Top, and High-Waisted Black Jeans.

Robson Clutch

Banana Republic has a boutique called BR 30 which is meant to reflect "Three Decades of Elegance & City Style," and showcases the best fashion design for the last 30 years in today's world. Here you can buy pieces that literally never go out of style.