Saturday, August 9, 2008

Night Owl Paper Goods

Night Owl Paper Goods is a 2-person shop by Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatram who decided to start their own stationery company after while working together at a design firm and art gallery. They started out by working at night, hence the name of the company, moonlighting for friends who needed invitations, logos and letterheads. 

Stitched Holidays – Faux wood look alike, printed on natural white, FSC Certified, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. What a better gift for the holidays than a card that's good for the environment!

Swiss Flower – Save the date in eco-chic style with an eco-friendly sustainably harvested yellow birch cards. The wood grain varies from card to card, creating an original note, gift, or small piece of art. 

Owl Pitcher Plant – Send a friendly spring greeting with a beautiful card printed on eco-friendly sustainably harvested yellow birch.

Chocolate Cupcake Birthday Card – single letterpressed card that comes with a warm red envelope.

Olksy Floral Hearts – single love note that is printed on eco-friendly sustainably-harvested yellow birch. Share this woodland with someone true to you...

These cards are amazing, and the sustainable aspect is a great feature, especially now-a-days. I hate to think that "going green" is a trend, it seems that it should be a lifestyle, not an option to elevate your social status, but I'll take any little bit I can get and satisfy myself that at least people now care enough to fake their way through it. I started taking Sustainable Design classes at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) last spring in their Sustainable Design Online program and would recommend anyone to take a few or the entire certificate. Location isn't an issue since all classes are online, and financial is available. Please take a quick look on their website. The professors are more than qualified, better yet, they're willing to teach, which means you can contact them any day or night and they will tirelessly work with you until the problem is solved.

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