Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alanna Cavanagh

Her style is unforgettable, a blend of squiggles and large blocks of color, making it perfect for screen print and graphic applications, while keeping it's hand-rendered quality. It is bold and personal at the same time, copied by hundreds, mastered by very few.

Alanna is one of my favorite illustrators, who illustrated a book called "Milk It," written by Kate  Hodson, and possesses an extensive list of clients, which includes Chronicle Books, Little Brown and Company, The New York Times, Real Simple, The Globe and Mail, Atlantic Monthly, and The Four Seasons Hotel. She received an honors degree in Fine Art History and Comparative Religion from U. of T., but changed tracks completely once influenced by the squiggly drawings of Egon Schiele. The Viennese artist's work inspired her to develop her own style which has since been described as whimsical with a "Paris in the 1950's" sensibility. She has received recognition from both Communication Arts and Applied Arts Magazine, and has adapted her style to digital production, as well as screen printing. Some of her most inspiring artists include Andy Warhol, and Designers Judy Ross, John Derian, Andy Spade, and Marc Jacobs. To see more of what inspires this beautiful illustrator, check out her blog.

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