Saturday, August 9, 2008

Turner Duckworth

Award-winning packaging and consumer brand identities from Turner Duckworth is truly candy for the eyes and food for thought.
Packaging for Shaklee, a company dedicated to "green" cleaning products. The design depicts home life and natural elements together in surprising ways, and the reusable bottles have a sticker system that encourages the consumers to create their own dilutions from the concentrate products, helping to reduce waste.

These "Little Monsters" packages, full of friendly faces reinforcing the strengths of each product, were designed for SuperDrug, the fastest growing beauty and health retailer in the UK, offering great value on the high street and online.

The above Handy Wipe packaging was also created for SuperDrug, although tackling the design completely differently, using photography instead of illustrations, attracting its target audience quickly and playfully hinting as to why one would need the product instead of what the product actually does.

Malvern, best known as England's first bottled water brand, wanted the packaging to reflect their product exactly, emphasize the springs in Malvern Hills and the process in which the water is filtered through granite rocks. Following the redesign, the sales increased by 28%, proving that good design truly is part of a good business model.

Packaging for Waitrose Supermarkets. The simplicity of the illustration is well worth looking, especially the integration of the body of the bee and the letter E.

Since they set up shop in 1992, they've stayed true to their word and have won several awards for outstanding consumer brand identities and packaging that generate commercial results. Although their offices are far apart (London and San Francisco), they collaborate on every project, which enables the agency to give its clients two different perspectives on the same design problems and solutions. 

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