Monday, August 4, 2008

Mouse Flats, Get 'Em if You Can

I just saw these wonderful "Mouse Flats" by Marc Jacobs in Teen Vogue, and they are flying off the shelves! I especially like Jacob's Fall 2008 Collection for children, and the website is quite helpful since it allows the user to zoom in to see all the details.

Try to buy a pair of these, although they're a little pricey, about $250, and quite difficult to find. You may have a better chance of getting them if you go to an actual Marc Jacobs store.

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Anonymous said...

dear bee, i ran out and snapped up a copy of teen vogue after reading about it here! i forget that teen vogue is full of cute and fashionable ideas versus its big sister vogue, which is far to out of touch with its readers. thanks for the reminder!
amber jean