Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Fonts from Font Shop

Nothing beats a good font, and the trend lately for leaning towards Sans Serif with a twist. If it has a little something that makes it recognizable, like short ascender or descender, consider using it to give your website, print piece, or whatever, a hint of class and a ton of personality that cannot be pinned down at first glance. FontShop is easy to use and has a wide variety of newer, but soon to be classical, fonts for a very reasonable price.

Co-Headline and Co Text

It does make you wonder, is the trend towards Sans Serif font due to Target's and Apple's widespread use of Helvetica? Can a couple large trendy corporations who force feed design down people's throat and dictate trends among avid teenagers and adults who refuse to grow up have as much effect on the mass population as it does on designers? To see the full effect of Helvetica, please watch the Helvetica film/documentary by Gary Hustwit, then decide, do you love it? Or do you hate it?

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