Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Work

Since I start my screen printing class at MCAD on September 11th, I thought I'd work a little bit ahead and start thinking about what I wanted to print so that I can take full advantage of my time in the studio... After several days studying what I had already done and what inspires, it hit: I want to make prints and textile design as an homage to Minneapolis! I created my own typeface to spell out a MPLS, and added what makes Minneapolis home to me, "S'il vous plait," which means "Please" in French, my native language as I was born and raised in France. I mixed my past and present together, in an urban style that I felt was suiting to the ever-growing city of Minneapolis. I also created T-shirts and patterns reflecting the culture and city, inspired by Too Much Love, the Saturday night event at First Ave during which all sorts of people come out to dance to rock remixes, post-punk, new wave, no wave, electro, house, disco, mash-up, dance-punk, hip-hop, psychedelic and much more music . To see all my work, please check out my Behance portfolio here.

Poster design

T-shirt design

Main Pattern

Coordinate #1

Coordinate #2

While creating my patterns, I chose to blend preppy designs such as plaid and argyle with an urban feel and bright colors. It reflects the energy of the city and the contrasting cultures within the space, emphasized by the combined languages of English and French. I'm in the process of making the T-shirts, but I will also make some scarves, which I will sell at my Etsy shop here.

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