Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lifter Baron

Oh, yum, I just love Lifter Baron's style; it's contemporary, it's simple, and extremely playful. The illustrations are graphic in nature, bubbly with a lot of solid areas, but the line quality is wonderful and the shapes very precise. Take a look at the website, it's well worth it and you'll find yourself wondering how you can apply this great style to your work.

What is Lifter Baron you ask? Lifter Baron was created by Rob Angermuller, a writer and designer (correct me if I'm wrong Rob) from Minneapolis, Minnesota – I should really get a hold of him and ask to see more of his stuff... For now, I'll have to settle with his FFFound account, which you should check out as well. I believe he's interested in freelance work and sounds like quite a character (by that I mean he seems to have a wonderful sense of humor while being completely down to earth). He's obviously tremendously talented and I will be keeping an eye on him to see what other wonderful work he creates. For even more wonderful work, please check out the following blogs that Rob writes for:

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