Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween's Early This Year

Although I love living in the city, I've felt the need to come home every weekend to relax, and by relaxing I mean forgetting everything else that's going on, listening to the deafening silence (except for the obnoxiously loud trains that come through at least a dozen times a day), and doing things that I just can't do in my tiny studio – such as repainting my mother's kitchen and carving pumpkins. I'm usually not a holiday fanatic, but I apparently jumped the gun on Halloween 2008. I carved two pumpkins this year, and am actually really proud of them!

"It's a Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin Kind of World" – what could be better than a cannibal pumpkin? That's pretty freaky if you ask me!
"A Flashback to Halloween 2008" – It seems that after your peak years of trick-or-treating everyone still wants to dress up (and by that I mean girls find a reason to wear next to nothing and call it a costume, come on ladies, red fishnets and a bra doesn't make you a devil!), but it doesn't seem appropriate unless you're attending a party, at which you end up drinking way too much to compensate for the cold and your social anxiety of wearing your bathing suit in public. As I'm sure many of you have experienced, the booze catches up, and before you know it, your body decides – without your consent, of course – to expel whatever is making you feel like you can sing, dance, and look attractive in an outfit that is way too tight for you. This is my homage to last year's Halloween, thank you for the good times my Greer peeps, I look forward to this year's pub crawl.

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