Friday, September 5, 2008

Joie, in a bottle

These wonderful bottles designed by Matthew Stiffler of Palatal Collective literally bring joy to my heart. The illustrations combine patterns and silhouettes to create very feminine branding for a brand that could otherwise be a little cheesy. The use of colors and vintage flowers really brings old world and new world together, reaching out to a wider audience. 

Matthew's portfolio is truly great, full of inspiration and well thought out pieces, from packaging to environmental, make sure to check it out. Educated at MCAD, he started his career at Hallmark Loyalty, a relationship marketing subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, but is currently at VSA Partners in Chicago, IL. On his free time (which I'm sure is none), he is formerly the founding co-chair of the AIGA KC Sustainability Committee and the Sustainable Kansas City Competition Committee Designer. His motto? "Design with intelligence — it seems like a no brainer — design is not just about making things look god. It's about thought, experience, innovation, creativity and sustainability — all things captured in the word intelligence." Great words to live by...

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