Monday, September 1, 2008

Benetton, Collection 08

Ah, the colors of Benetton. The 08 collection doesn't strike me as something very colorful, it does however, reinforce JCrew's trend of masculine is feminine. From materials to shapes, everything screams men's fashion while flattering the woman figure and curves. One small detail that is highly annoying? You can't buy anything online, you actually have to go to a store! I know, how dare them making me get out of my house and into the public, actually mingling with other human beings and trying something on before purchasing it?!? What do they expect from me? Does that mean that when I'm paying the cashier I should not be talking very loudly on my cell phone about something that no one around me cares about? Just kidding, it's probably very smart on their part, imagine the reduced number in returns, and what a great impact on the environment, thank you Benetton, thank you.

Something else unexpected from Benetton? The packaging for their perfume line, it's sleek and chic, and quite functional. The simplicity keeps it interesting, but there is something to be said for less is more. I'm not particularly fond of the huge trend of over-usage of ornaments and flourishes (see anything and everything from punk rock T-shirts to Lifetime), although there are a few exceptions where I find it perfectly fitting, but I can always appreciate simple designs that are elegant and direct. I sometimes like to compare flourishes to decoration, it seems like it's a design element that designers slap on to add visual interest and cover up the lack of concept, but hey, don't get offended, it's just my opinion : )

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