Monday, October 27, 2008

New Twist on Halloween Color Palettes

When you think about Halloween color palettes you automatically think of black and orange, but then you also think about purple and green. I found this handy color palette resource called Visual Search Lab by Idee in which you enter the colors you want and it pulls up various images from Flickr that has those colors. Check out the images it found below! I would've never thought of such images, it really adds a new twist to Halloween. Make sure to check it out and play with it for a while, but careful, it's quite addicting!

Want to reverse the process and pull color palettes from existing images? Download the new iPhone app called CliqCliq. It's easy to use and enables you to email the color palette(s) to yourself – or others if you want to share – as RGB! Very convenient for web designers : ) Don't like the way your photos are coming out on your iPhone? Download the app CameraBag, it has a ton of filters to improve your pics.

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