Thursday, October 2, 2008

MPLS Print Exchange in Progress

Since I'm doing these in class, we have this great little print exchange where a theme – Birds and Bees – and a size – 6 x 6 – is selected and each student prints enough for everyone and at the end we all exchange so that we each get a print from each other. I decided to use this opportunity to print one of my many MPLS patterns. I did these in about 3 days, check 'em out : )

Print Exchange (white layer)
Print Exchange (pink layer ready for orange layer)
Print Exchange (pink layer close-up)
Print Exchange (final)

What's next you ask? I'll be printing a few more posters to show off my patterns, as well as scarves and T-shirts to give to my family and friends (and maybe sell a few?). Keep checking back and I'll keep posting!

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