Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My name is Marie and I'm addicted to Monsters

Although addiction is often looked upon as a negative aspect of one's life, I find that mine is suiting not only to the time of the year, but to my career, so I'm not planning on joining any group soon, unless someone knows of a monster-loving social network that could quench my daily thirst of monster images? These lovely creatures emerged from Cutesy but not Cutesy, and are hand-stitched and one-of-a-kind. They are on sale at their Etsy shop and cost anywhere between $20 to $85, depending on the design and size. I particularly love the first one, Ray, he's so expressive! I really feel like he's hanging on to the wall for dear life, as if completely frightened by something we cannot see in the photograph. To see them all, make sure to visit this website.

Ray, AKA, RayRay, loves to dance. RayRay will dance anywhere, anytime, with anyone! He firmly believes in the motto of dance like no one is watching. When Ray is not dancing, he loves to go to open air markets and gaze at all the delicious fruits and vegetables.

Melody has always wanted to be a model but never had the confidence to give it a shot. She was told to try her luck on Etsy to gauge the audience's response. It's a shame that she doesn't realize how truly beautiful she is. Melody loves to run away from the waves at the beach and enjoys playing skeeball and ride the ferris on the boardwalk.

Last but not least, Sheila. Sheila spends all her free time cooking and baking. Her favorite recipes include eggplant parm and chocolate butter layer cake. She hopes to find her soulmate through her food so that they can equally enjoy it. For now, she cooks for family and friends.

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