Friday, January 30, 2009

Claudia Carieri's Twist on an Old Tale

As we head in February, a month where a whole day is dedicated to "love," I am bombarded with hideous blood red color schemes that make me want to scream, however, Claudia Carieri has restored my attraction to the color of anger as she tweaks it to look more magenta or orange and pairs it with a punchy lavender. Her color palette is fun and fresh, yet creates the same emotion of sickening puppy love that is so often displaced in Valentine's day products. Please (please please) visit Claudia's site to see more of her illustrative, color-loving, textural multi-medium portfolio that I envy so intensely.

Meet Mr. Green

Meet Green Thing from Green Thing on Vimeo.

Nous Vous Knows Colors

Nous Vous (we/you) is a creative studio in the UK that focuses on graphic design and illustration. Not only do they work for clients, they also create self-initiated projects and exhibits frequently. They encourage dialogue between the client, audience and themselves and believe in clear, coherent visual communication, while enjoying working on a range of projects regardless of scale or budget. To see more of their work, please visit their website.

:: Discovered via It's Nice That

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thirsty for Typography Thursday #11

For the 10th "Thirsty for Typography Thursday," I proudly present LowMan, AKA Jonathan Looman. Currently working in the Netherlands, LowMan is best known for his fresh approach to typographic treatment and has been featured in several publications such as Creative Arts Magazine, Fontanel, Reload Magazine, Adbusters, and Neo2. He truly creates art with typography, playing with the positive and negative space, textures and colors for hierarchy and legibility. Please visit his website to see the rest of his amazin work.

:: Discovered via TypeNeu

Monday, January 26, 2009

Integrity Spirits' Strong Identity

I had earlier posted Integrity Spirits' packaging, and just stumbled across Jared Milam's portfolio on Behance which contains the identity. I now understand why the packaging was so beautiful as it stems from this incredibly strong and thoughtful identity. The logo channels the mythos of the founders of Integrity Spirits, Rich and Kieran. They are life-long friends, yin and yang, and are unified by their passionate commitment to the distillation of spirits. All the printed materials reflect the hand-crafted quality of the product, in one color, letterpressed and hand applied labels for personalization. The hand applied labels also echo the security seal placed over the caps of their vodka and gin bottles. Make sure to check out more of Jared Milam's work by visiting his portfolio site.

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

One of my friends just sent this to me, which I found not only entertaining and humorous, but also quite well designed. I shall keep her anonymous for now, but I think there's something to be said for finding creativity and inspiration out of anything out there, so keep your eyes peeled and your mind open.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jacqui Oakley: Illustrator Extraordinaire

Jacqui Oakley is a freelance illustrator in Toronto, Canada, whose style simply amazes me. The textures and colors are beautiful, warm and inviting, complementary to one another to give a sense of harmony, yet highly contrasting to create powerful images. Her shapes are simple and intricate through her use of patterns within shapes. To see more of her work, visit her website.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thirsty for Typography Thursday #10 (on a Friday) – Luke Lucas Puts It in Context

Phew, another crazy week... This week's Thirsty for Typography Thursday (brought to you on Friday) is all about fluid forms and context. Meet Luke Lucas, self taught designer who started out as a skateboarder who was fascinated by the art underside his deck by artists such as Jim Phillips and Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. Today, he work in Melbourne, Australia, and is quite busy balancing his duties as co-founder and executive director at Lifelounge with a diverse roster of freelance projects. His work is vibrant, fluid, and most importantly, always spot on. He looks at everything when designing a typeface, understanding what it needs to say and what atmosphere it needs to set in what context. Check out more of his fascinating work by visiting his website.

:: Discovered by Jay Runquist via Computerlove

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oxymoron: ShowPony's Classy Totes Bags

These classy vintage totes bags are the creation of Emma Henderson of ShowPony. You can look chic without given up any of the comforts the tote bag has to offer! Check out her entire collection by clicking here.

:: Discovered via Serendipity & Spark

Jack Spade's Fun Winter Gear

On this dreary (and lovely) snowy day, I only wish for one thing: Merino Moustache gloves from Jack Spade. These gloves are not just any gloves, they feature two different kinds of moustaches sewn on the interior of each forefinger, given you a temporary fingerstach!

:: Discovered via HI + LOW

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Smart Logo Design

Who doesn't love logos that are smart and well designed? Below are some of my favorites, embodying what I hope to achieve, a quick read that is aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

:: Discovered via Siah Design

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thirsty for Typography Thursday #9 :: ABE's Organic Poems

For this week's Thirsty for Typography Thursday, I proudly present the work of Anna Garforth/ABE & Elly Stevens/EL. The project shown below is called Sporeborne, which consists of writing poetry lines on walls with moss to represent the unusual synthesis between advanced civilization and nature. It allows to speak from two different perspective, one from individuals and artists, the other as a spokesperson for organisms that would otherwise remain unheard. The contrast between man-made materials and organic textures sculpted into man-made shapes and words is simply stunning. The size of the medium also helps deliver the message powerfully, further emphasizing the importance of what we ignore because it is so small. Make sure to visit ABE's website to see more of their work.

:: Discovered via Objet Graphik

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Dot's 2008 Awards

I thought that a great way to recap 2008 would be to display Red Dot's 2008 awards, check them all out here, they're really inspiring and definitely the best of the best.