Saturday, January 3, 2009

Integrity Spirits' Beautiful Patterned Packaging

"Integrity Spirits announced its presence to the world with two inaugural products, Lovejoy Vodka and Lovejoy Hazelnut. Lovejoy is a vodka that stands out from the crowded liquor shelves because of its design concept. Lovejoy Vodka comes with a variety of labels, allowing customers to choose the design that fits their mood, d├ęcor, or gift situation." New clean crisp design with a pattern frame to emphasize the flavors of the product as well as the typographic treatment on the label by ID Branding, a full-service branding agency in Portland, Oregon. The reason the new labels work so well is because ID Branding focuses on their new understanding of how consumers are using brands today.

:: Discovered via The Dieline

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