Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thirsty for Typography Thursday #9 :: ABE's Organic Poems

For this week's Thirsty for Typography Thursday, I proudly present the work of Anna Garforth/ABE & Elly Stevens/EL. The project shown below is called Sporeborne, which consists of writing poetry lines on walls with moss to represent the unusual synthesis between advanced civilization and nature. It allows to speak from two different perspective, one from individuals and artists, the other as a spokesperson for organisms that would otherwise remain unheard. The contrast between man-made materials and organic textures sculpted into man-made shapes and words is simply stunning. The size of the medium also helps deliver the message powerfully, further emphasizing the importance of what we ignore because it is so small. Make sure to visit ABE's website to see more of their work.

:: Discovered via Objet Graphik

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