Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yula Brodskaya's Whimsical Paper Creations

I'm very excited about this posting, I think this is one of the most inspirational designer yet, and I owe it all to my wonderful office buddy, Jay Runquist, who informed me of Yula Brodskaya. Yula was born in Russia where she began her career as a fine artist producing contemporary office decoration artwork for Moscow based companies while studying for her first degree in Graphic Design. In 2004, she moved to London, earned her M.A. in Graphic Communication and has since been busy with parallel careers as an illustrator and a freelance graphic designer. She is contanstly experimenting and evolving, always pushing her style in new directions, and her greatest passion is to explore illustration and typography combinations. Her style is definitely whimsical, but it's also delicate, thoughtful, comforting, and beautiful. The light and organic shapes that wrap around the typography create a balanced contract, however, they also reflect each other as they are both completely flawless. To see her entire portfolio, check out her website.

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