Sunday, December 7, 2008

Southsouthwest's Beautiful Identity for Clay

Southsouthwest is a creative studio in Melbourne, Australia, steered by Adam Gibson, Andy Sargent and Jonathan Price, a team of senior designers and thinkers with a depth of experience. They're always seeking interesting and challenging projects where they can show off their skills and deliver the client with a competitive advantage through quality, considered design. Their motto: "We don't manufacture things — we craft them." Their portfolio is quite impressive, but I was especially drawn to the identity they created for Clay, a boutique of fine food and health. Southsouthwest created their brand identity, stationery, custom wallpaper, hand-painted wall graphics, and bags. The response? Wow. The intrique wall patterns are simply beautiful, the colors are fresh and vibrant, and the entire identity — whether on stationery on within the store — truly is inviting, welcoming, and trustworthy. Make sure to check out the rest of their work by clicking here.

:: Discovered via FFFFound

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