Monday, November 3, 2008

Toko Rules

Toko was established in 2001 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is now operating out of Surry Hills, Sydney. The name Toko has a strong Dutch-Asian historical background and is common Dutch slang for "shop," although Toko is a multidisciplinary design studio with the emphasis on print design. They are well known for doing entire brand identities which include signage, environmental graphics, editorial, book and magazine design, posters, flyers, and invitation design. Their forte is typography (obviously), which they believe plays a significant role in their work since it is much more than getting information across. Check out their work here or buy something from their shop

:: Photos above from Toko's Platform Exhibition design, Faculty of built environment UNSW. The core visuals are 8 abstract squares representing the design programs. Individually, a square would not make a lot of sense, but combined and in the right order, the work Platform will appear. In short: several disciplines make one great exhibition. 

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