Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thirsty for Typography Thursday #1

As I'm sure many of you remember from college, "Thirsty Thursday" is quite a popular night. I have decided to replace my old habit — which included getting completely wasted and being almost completely useless for the entire day on Friday — with a new habit, a healthy habit, that I shall call "Thirsty for Typography Thursday." I will be dedicating a post a week, on Thursdays, to a designer or piece of work whose typography is noteworthy.

Without further delay, I proudly present Robert Loeber, a young graphic designer and photographer who lives and works in London who recently graduated from the University of Huddersfield (that's a ridiculous name BTW) and is currently working at Urban Outfitters Europe HQ in London. I love the way he works with typography, experimenting with egdy urban type juxtaposed upon clean crisp grids. Robert is also quite courageous when it comes to layouts with photography and typography, allowing the type to become part of the photo, almost hidden, creating questionable legibility that is quite interesting. To see more of his work or to contact him regarding freelance work, click here.

:: Discovered via TypeNEU

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