Friday, January 8, 2010

MyFonts' Top 10 Typefaces of 2009

According to MyFonts, the following are the top 10 best selling fonts for 2009.

Champion Script Pro
Based on manuscripts of the 18th-century English Calligrapher Joseph Champion, this font was announced as "the most advanced and powerful script ever made."

The most interesting recent sans-serif design, striking a smart balance between geometry and user-friendliness. Based on a rectangle with rounded corners, the typeface is pure and regular without becoming bland or mechanical.

Liza Pro
The brush script of the year that sets impressive standards for the genre, it resembles the human hand lettering as closely as possible.

Initially a by-product of the popular Museo typeface, Calluna is a robust, clean and contemporary face with interesting details and a forward flow.

Named calligraphic display font of the year, it was originally commissioned for the December 2008 "memorial" issue of New York Times magazine.

Alright Sans
Lucid and modest without being boring or stiff, this typeface is open and relatively wide.

This typeface is a carefully crafted combination of classical capitals and fancy ornaments, and since the letters and ornamentation come in different fonts, designers can easily adjust color or shade for instant contrast.

Tastefully "swirly," this typeface explores the extreme contrast of the neoclassical style, with thin hairlines and whimsical details. Choose the "Drops" version for ball terminals, or "Swirls" version if you prefer curly healines.

We Love Nature
Meticulously drawn silhouettes of botanical forms, what's not to like?

Aphrodite Slim Pro
A complex script full of specially drawn letter combinations that taps into a variety of calligraphic styles.

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