Monday, July 28, 2008

My first post

Finally, I've started my own blog, My Marie Bee. I plan on using this blog as a resource tool for anything that I find inspiring. This will include trends, hot graphics, color usage, new product design and much much more. Since I'm a designer I'm always looking for the next hot thing, and as I'm sure all other designers do, so I hope my blog helps you find inspiration when you're stuck on a project.

If you're from Minneapolis I would like to introduce you (although I don't think I need to) to one of my favorite places to work: Spyhouse, a small but amazing coffee shop on Eat Street. The staff is all tattooed, there's no air conditioning, but it seems that anyone who's ever freelanced is working away all day and night. Great place to get inspired as well as to get in the mood of working. Sometimes the music is quite interesting, maybe even annoying, but that's what headphones are made for.

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